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Blue Beauty:
New Eco-Friendly Beauty Trend

These days, it is not enough to just be and look beautiful since we need to consider about the planet, we call home. While many people are familiar with the green trend, there is another emerging trend that has become very popular in the beauty industry called Blue Beauty. This trend focuses on beauty products that protect the marine environment. In addition to promoting the sustainable use of resources, reducing carbon footprint, reducing the use of single-use plastic and replacing with recyclable plastics, it also includes protecting the ocean from chemicals in various beauty products such as sunscreens.

So, what's the difference between Blue Beauty and Green Beauty? Blue Beauty focuses not only on the use of safe and sustainably sourced ingredients. It also involves the use of packaging that least affects the wellbeing of marine animals as well as reducing wasteful use of water resources. All of these attempts are for the protection of the ocean and every living organism in it. Whether you prefer the Green Beauty or the Blue Beauty, both trends play a vital role in saving the planet from global nature loss and climate change.

This could be a turning point where beauty brands make a difference for our world. Many have already started to use PCR (post-consumer recycled plastics) in their production of beauty packaging. At the same time, there are many campaigns to promote the use of sunscreens that do not contain harmful chemicals that could destroy marine ecology, for example, One Ocean Beauty, the brand does not only use marine ingredients in their formulas to help preserve the marine environment, but all their product packaging is also 100% recyclable. Or sunscreens from Caudalie and Coola brands don't damage coral reefs or the sea life. So far, this trend has been tremendously propagated by beauty influencers and beauty lovers worldwide.

Whether you are a brand owner or a consumer, we can all be aware and start taking care of the environment, because this planet is our home as well as the most precious resource we need to preserve for the future generations.



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