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Hemp-Cannabis in Cosmetic Industry

  • Hemp seeds are beneficial for skin in many ways, such as anti-inflammatory quality, UV protection quality, reducing acnes, as well as reducing signs of aging and dark spots.
  • Hemp and cannabis extracts are drawing attention in the beauty market both in Thailand and abroad.
  • In addition to skincare, there are other products that use CBD (Cannabidiol) oil as active ingredients such as soaps and hair care products.  

            Hemp and Cannabis have been used throughout human civilizations since ancient times due to their versatile applications. For examples, the fiber is used for making garment, the extract has been used for medicine and wellbeing, and the skincare property has been infused into a variety of beauty products.

Hemp and Cannabis are Versatile Plants with Beauty Properties

           Did you know that hemp seed extract has many skin benefits? For example, it helps to fight skin inflammation, protect the skin from UV rays, helps reduce acne, as well as signs of aging and dark spots. This is because hemp contains a substance called Cannabidiol or CBD, which is an antioxidant that inhibits the production of Tyrosinase, an enzyme that produces melanin. It also helps to strengthen the skin. It is no wonder that hemp and cannabis are now the hero ingredients in the beauty industry. According to the 2021 report from the Thai Cosmetic Manufacturers Association, the international markets account for more than half of the market value for hemp and cannabis in the cosmetic industry.

            Thai cosmetics are very popular abroad, especially among the ASEAN countries, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Australia. As a result, Thailand is ASEAN’s 2nd largest cosmetic exporter and the world’s 10th. This growth means that we will see more and more new beauty products from hemp and cannabis in the near future.

Hemp and Cannabis are Versatile Plants with Beauty Properties

            Beauty products with hemp and cannabis as active ingredients have been available in various markets globally for many years. The many studies of CBD benefits on skin anti-inflammatory have prompted many skincare brands to use this as active ingredients in their products. For example, Kiehl’s uses Hemp Seed Oil extract in a serum that reduces redness, or Herbivore, a natural skincare line that contains CBD in body oils to add moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. For Thai brands, Canasol is an example of a hemp-specialist cosmetic brand that uses Hemp seed oil extract in their serums. Another brand is Dr. Jel which uses CBD extracted from hemp grown in Thailand. They also have their own hemp cultivation plots to study which type of hemp has the highest CBD.

            We can see that hemp and cannabis extracts are becoming very popular in the beauty market both in Thailand and abroad. In addition to skincare products, CBD extracted from hemp leaves and branches is also used in soaps and hair care products. Therefore, it is currently considered the most popular ingredient and is in high demand in both in local and international markets.


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