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Hottest Lip Color Trends in 2023-2024

  • Colorful lip colors have made a comeback with long-lasting formula that doesn't smear easily.
  • WGSN and Coloro’s analysis discovered that consumers have turned their preferences toward lipsticks that can complement any look.
  • Neutrals, orange, and red are the classics. They can be used in any season, for any occasion, and on any skin tone.

    Lipsticks are beauty items that can help brighten up any look and transform the mood for any occasion. By changing your lip color, the whole look changes!

    After over two years of wearing masks that cover our lips, the relaxing restrictions on mask-wearing protocol have ushered in the comeback of lipsticks which have been developed in a variety of colors and formulas to be long-lasting and smear-resistant. Now, let’s update on the lip color trends for 2023-2024.

    WGSN or World Global Style Network, a leading global trend forecasting of consumer and design trends, has collaborated with Coloro expert Joanne Thomas, a color system specialist to forecast the most popular color trends for the years 2023-2024. Together, they have discovered from their analysis that consumers have turned their preferences toward long-lasting lipsticks that can complement any look such as the following colors:


Blue is the main color in the beauty industry with the intensity that looks alluring and magical like the underwater world.

- Neutrals

Neutral shades that exude warm, soft and gentle moods like Nude, Camel, Mocha or Taupe represent simple elegance. They can be blended to create suitable colors for particular skin tones or looks. They are the epitome of “Your lips but better.”

- Red and coral

Red and coral are forever classics because they are the colors of energy and optimism. Their bright colors help create a healthy look.

    These shades are classics and can be used in any season, for any occasion, and with any skin tone. They can also be blended with other shades to create new beautiful colors which answer the need of modern consumers who prefer products with versatility, never go out of fashion, and complement every skin tone so everyone can be beautiful.

    With this trend in popularity, it is no wonder many cosmetic brands have launched products with color palettes that can accommodate different skin tones. Beauty entrepreneurs can optimize this trend because the above-mentioned shades of lipstick can be used in everyday life. For example, developing neutral shades to complement various skin tones will help introduce the products to different markets because anyone from any ethnicity can try them on. 

    Some samples of successful brands who take advantage of this trend include Rihanna's Fenty Beauty and Kim Kardashian's KKW Beauty. In addition to these brands’ colorful palettes of foundations, they also have collections of nude lipsticks that suit every skin tone. Another example is the Filipino makeup brand Sunnies Face which has had smashing sales since its launch and has been a talk of the town among beauty aficionados in the Philippines and neighboring countries. The brand had experimented with over 350 colors and 22 textures of lipsticks to explore shades that can be matched with every undertone of skin tone. The final results are the nine beautiful shades that cover the range of nudes, oranges, pinks and reds which can be worn every day for everyone.

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