“We have a great passion for beauty industry that sparks our determination to win with our customers and strive to become not only a manufacturer, but also their cosmetics business partner.” Mr. Sakdiphan Pathawinthranond, Deputy Managing Director, Pathawin Co., Ltd. shared with COSMEX team when asked about the motivation behind Pathawin’s success in the beauty industry.

With over 30 years of experience, Pathawin is an ASEAN’s leading OEM, ODM manufacturers, which has played an essential role in creating reputation for many beauty brands and enhancing service quality for other business sectors around the world.

The strength that sets Pathawin apart from other competitors is that the company has a vertically-integrated supply chain, including a certified ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory, a flexible packaging printing facility, and a textile plant. Thus, the company can provide competitive prices and superior one-stop service to customers worldwide. Moreover, Pathawin is recognized by domestic and international regulatory bodies for its state-of-the-art production processes, facilities, and strict quality assurance; and certified with ASEAN GMP, ISO 22716, ISO 9001:2015, Halal, and Thailand Trust Mark.

"We offer a diverse range of beauty products, including facial care, skincare, hair care, spa products, natural/organic products, facial masks, wet wipes, and refreshing towels. Pathawin boasts a prestigious client base, which includes numerous blue-chip accounts, from major retailers, cosmetic brands, to international hotel chains, restaurants, and airlines.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 on consumers’ lifestyle and behaviors, Mr. Sakdiphan expressed his firm belief on antibacterial products and sanitizing products to remain a high demand even when this crisis ends, as end-users are becoming more aware of their personal hygiene. Pathawin has broadened their manufacturing capabilities into the medical industry. “We are now producing a wide range of personal hygiene products, such as hand sanitizers, alcohol sprays, alcohol wipes, and multi-purpose wipes.”

“I also expect natural and organic beauty products to be popular this year,” Mr. Sakdiphan added. A report by Ecovia Intelligence shows that natural ingredients become more sought-after, since the consumers believe the use of such ingredients will improve their overall health and wellness*. This has a high posibility to be another emerging beauty trend in the “New Normal” era, besides sanitizing products.

If your beauty brand is encountering challenges under this time of crisis, or you want to extend your product lines to sanitizing category, Pathawin is ready to not only provide high-quality, safe products, but also new ideas to expand your product portfolio, help your brand grow, and occupy a more significant market share. “Creating a brand is not just about finding which company to produce your products – that is the easiest part. To be successful in the beauty industry is to find a high quality, reliable manufacturer, who will become your long-term business partner,” said Mr. Sakdiphan.

Source: *CosmeticOBS

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In this exclusive interview, COSMEX team has an opportunity to talk with Ms. Montira Pornprasit, Technical Director of Milott Laboratories, a famous cosmetics and beauty manufacturer that plays an important role behind the success of many global beauty brands.

When it comes to “Milott”, people might think it’s a large corporation which is hard to approach, but what exactly Milott is?

We, Milott Laboratories, are a company that operates a joint venture with Milott Cosmetic Corporation of Japan and specialized in Health & Beauty products manufacturing including Skincare, Haircare, Personal care, Cosmeceutical, Color cosmetics as well as medical devices, supplementary and household products. Milott follows many global manufacturing standards such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, EN ISO 13485:2016, GMP, BRC, Quasi-Drugs, HALAL (HAS 23000) and SEDEX. With more than 30 years of experience, we have served all groups of clients from start-ups to multinational corporations and exported to 50 countries globally.

What are your highlight products this year that brand owners should keep their eyes on?

The spread of Corona virus has impacted consumers’ lifestyles in which they are leaning more towards hygiene products as well as raising higher aware of infections from touching things. In addition, people are wearing masks and practicing social distancing by working from home and making conference calls through online platforms

Therefore, we are offering different categories of products that can respond to the changing lifestyles and meet the customers’ satisfaction, including moisturizing hand sanitizers, skincare products preventing irritated skin caused by wearing a mask, long-lasting and transfer-resistant color cosmetics. Other than that, we are offering many products designed to help create a more interesting skincare routine at home.

Do you think in this crisis, there is an opportunity in disguise?

Due to this crisis, many beauty companies are facing challenges such as the imbalance between demand and supply of some products, limited operations in international shipping and lower productive capacity. In order to solve the difficulties, our plans are to integrate with both raw materials and packaging suppliers to strengthen the supply chain, and get ready for mass production to respond quickly to customer needs. In the initial phase, we focus on offering hygiene products, which are in high demand at the beginning of the outbreak. Once consumers get accustomed to the new lifestyles and turn to beauty care, we put our focus on producing skin care and color cosmetics products. In addition, since domestic demand is shrinking, it can be considered as an opportunity to expand the business into foreign markets. However, there are still many opportunities waiting. We are ready to deliver excellent customer service to brand owners with our reliable production base, consistent quality and effective supply chain management.


What gimmicky beauty trends that you think will be going strong this year?

Despite the gloomy economic outlook, beauty industry must embrace its liveliness. What we need to do is adding more interesting features that match the new lifestyle of consumers; whether it be outstandingly designed packaging of alcohol-sanitizers for carrying around, enjoyable skincare regime while staying in, makeup products that give natural look for online conferences, or creative and fancy makeup ideas to not only match the outfits, but also the masks.

In your opinion, COSMEX is..?

COSMEX is an important exhibition where leading cosmetics manufacturers and brand owners can meet each other and come to the perfect business opportunity agreement. This COVID-19 challenge could be one of the greatest crises to overcome, but with crisis comes opportunity. COSMEX 2020 is the event that inspires beauty owners, even during this difficult time, to realize the possibilities and seize business opportunities by collaborating with high-quality and reliable manufacturers. COSMEX will also help Thai manufacturers to be well-known internationally through extensive marketing campaigns and channels.

Would you like to share anything to entrepreneurs considering having their own beauty brand?

During this time, many brands are not confident in the beauty market, not ready to invest or launch new products into the market. However, there are opportunities lie in every crisis. To stand out in the market, beauty brands must choose the right manufacturer to help develop products, create a unique selling proposition, and thrive together. Then, success is surely within reach. By joining COSMEX 2020, cosmetics entrepreneurs will be able to capture business opportunities like never before and your path to success will be crystal clear.


“COSMEX” is open to trade visitors only. Please dress in business attire. Those wearing shorts and/or sandals and minors under the age of 15 will not be permitted into the exhibition hall. The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone without cause or explanation.