Innovative Paper Packaging for Cosmetics that Truly Cares About the World

The eco-friendly trend is up and coming. Using paper packaging in cosmetics industry is one attempt to reduce the impact on the environment. L.Y. Commercial Co., Ltd. acknowledges that products with natural ingredients will attract market attention along with the increasing value of unique beauty which should adds a deeper meaning to the phrase “natural beauty.”

Khun Sumontha Sooksombat, the company’s vice president spoke about the company’s history as well as the products that will be featured at COSMEX 2022: 

“We primarily provide packaging solutions to customers in the manufacturing industry, especially in industrial estates for over 21 years. Currently, we are the distributor of paper packaging products from Ranpak - the world’s leader in paper packaging innovations certified with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) as seal of approval that it is made from pulp from reforestation. This ensures that Ranpak paper is equipped with three key features: Renewable, Recyclable, and Biodegradable.”

“Ranpak's paper wrappings will be able to replace bubble wraps or EPE foam for environmentally conscious cosmetic brands to create brand image and value while maintaining aestheticism. It also cuts down on packing time and materials necessary, so the total cost management is improved. Another product that we will showcase is a foldable steel Mesh Pallet which is strong and durable. It can support very heavy product weight which is suitable for shelving goods and raw materials in manufacturing plants or warehouses.”

“For us, COSMEX 2022 will serve as a platform for entrepreneurs in the Thai cosmetic industry to present and exchange ideas and technology directly with entrepreneurs from both domestic and foreign markets. It is also a center of interest for new customers or those interested to start their own cosmetic business. We are ready to be a part of the elements that help you develop your brands and products toward perfection.”