It is undeniable that Milott Laboratories Co., Ltd. has for a long time been at the forefront of Thailand’s OEMs for cosmetics industry, as the company has been established since 1989 through a joint venture with Japan’s Milott Cosmetic Corporation, which is famous for manufacturing cosmetics for more than 85 years.

The company’s Managing Director Ms. Rungravi Kittisinchaikul states that the strength of their business comes from being customer-centric with quick response, and always propose in-trend products at competitive prices. “Milott’s manufacturing capabilities are very flexible and can support businesses of all sizes. We have high quality management system that has received international standards including ISO9001, ISO 17025, ISO 14001, ISO 22716, BRC, GMP, CTPAT, and HALAL, which facilitates customers when exporting products abroad. 

We also have in-house R&D team to take care of the formula and packaging development that stays abreast with the modern consumer trend. This is why we have earned the trust from more than 200 brands of customers in Thailand and worldwide.”

“The COVID-19 outbreak since last year has greatly impacted consumers purchasing behavior because they have more time at home to take care of themselves and do more research before buying. In 2022, the market for beauty products is expected to revive, and the following segments are expected to grow in popularity:

  • New form of anti-bacterial skincare and toiletries, such as concentrate anti-bacterial natural ingredients used in herbal toothpaste or mouth spray.
  • Cosmetics that target specific skin concerns and offers key benefits e.g., Pimple Patches.
  • Cosmetics specifically formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Cosmetics with minimalist packaging that depicts a clean and safe product image.
  • Food supplements to enhance skincare product benefits such as food supplements that reduce melasma, and food supplements that promote health/immune system or reduce stress and enhance deep sleep.

For Milott, we had to readjust our supply chains to stay on top of production and delivery schedules. Moreover, we had to quickly pushed environmentally friendly disinfection products to the market, and focused on developing new skincare, haircare and undereye products with more natural active ingredients. We also had to increase our production of supplements as they became more popular among consumers as well.”

“The cosmetics and food supplement is a sunrise industry. Therefore, those interested in this business are encouraged to study marketing channels, know your target customers and team up with a partner that can help you grow sustainably. Milott is more than ready to provide our full range of services from creating marketing concepts, developing products up to submitting documents to the FDA for approval. We promise to serve everyone to the best of our ability and provide our customers and consumers with the best products that meet international standards. We also would like to send our best wishes to everyone to overcome this Covid 19 crisis together.”