Picaso Naturals Promotes Natural Ingredients for Appealing Beauty Products

Picaso Naturals Laboratory Co., Ltd., one of COSMEX exhibitors, has been a beauty OEM that manufactures cosmetic products, oral care, and hair care products In Thailand for more than 18 years, with a parent company in Japan with over 80 years of experience.

President of Picaso Naturals Mr. Nobuo Yagi, commented that “the company has been manufacturing cosmetics and personal care items with an average of 70% for export and the other 30% for domestic sales. Moreover, we are always developing new technologies in tandem with the market movement and changing consumer demands. For example, we have developed production technology for small items such as sachets to serve the growing number of SMEs for consumers who would like to have small packets as testers or to carry with them for their commutes and travels.

Besides constantly adapting the production lines, the company also participates in the research to use natural products such as jasmine rice, one of Thailand’s agricultural gems, to manufacture unique beauty products that appeal to the modern consumers who tend to read reviews before making a purchase and prefer more natural ingredients than harmful strong chemicals in the products they use. We believe that with the growing size of beauty industry in the region, joining trade exhibitions such as COSMEX will enable us to promote our products and services to a wider audience who could become new clients.”