In the current state of economy, every business is trying to overcome challenges and be more creative in sustaining or building opportunities for growth. Sahachaikijkarnpim Co., Ltd., Thailand’s leading manufacturer of paperboard packaging is ready to respond to the needs of cosmetic manufacturers with digital offset printing technology. The company is the first in the country to introduce the use of a digital offset printer that can print up to size B2 exclusively for packaging which will be recommended at COSMEX 2021 as well.

“What’s special about digital offset is the printing efficiency equivalent to traditional offset job. It can also be easily adjusted, combine different designs, or change artwork. It can also print metallized substrate with white ink or print small on-demand up to large bulk order. What’s more, our company has been certified with ISO9001:2015, GMP, and can produce FSC-marked products. We also offer the calculation of carbon footprint in our quotations for customers to use in their strategies.”

Mr. Nuttapong Sahachaiwatana, General Manager of Sahachaikijkarnpim Co., Ltd. also added that the company previously worked mainly with clients in the food & beverage industry. However, they are now ready to diversify their portfolio including cosmetics industry with the digital offset technology which provides manufacturing flexibility, and has a plan to increase their machinery to serve many more clients.

“The schedule for COSMEX at the end of the year should coincide with the last wave of COVID-19, so the event should help regain confidence among local and international entrepreneurs. And although we still need to live in the new normal, business still has to move forward. We believe this event will help us expand our market base, and we are positive we will be able to help beauty products OEM, brand owners, and brand marketers to enhance their brand values, so we look forward to meet you all at this event.”