Creating a brand-new cosmetic brand is a huge challenge nowadays. The market is full of competing brands vying for different consumer segments. However, aspiring entrepreneurs can increase the opportunity for their products to win over customers by partnering with a professional packaging partner such as Yamagata (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Mr. Anan Teerawattanapakorn, Yamagata’s Packaging Manager expanded on Yamagata's services as follows “we are a manufacturer of printed materials such as manuals, catalogs, leaflets, flyers, packaging boxes for cosmetics and other types of products such as premium boxes, calendars or labels. We also have a wide range of customers both locally and from abroad.”

“Our team is made up of diverse, enthusiastic and committed people. Having direct access to customers who are upstream producers allows our business to grow and services to diversify. At COSMEX 2022, we are planning to present a variety of packages for cosmetics, as well as sample labels and marketing materials such as leaflets, flyers, and various formats of advertising including digital marketing. We are keen to help our customers promote their products to be widely known and increase mutual business opportunities.”