ASEAN’s Cosmetics & Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Event
5 - 7 November 2024

Complete Your Packaging Needs for a Greener Planet with Rianthai Interplas

Caring for the environment is one of the major stimuli behind every industry today. This is also true for Rianthai Interplas Co., Ltd., one of the exhibitors at COSMEX 2024 who aims to develop environmentally friendly products under the concept of “Sustainable Development Packaging”.

“The cosmetics industry is continuously growing, because it involves items used in everyday life that consumers need to replenish again and again. For examples, personal care products, hair care products, or health-focus supplementary. Therefore, we can see this is a business with a bright, ongoing future.”

Mr. Ayudh Chaiprayoon, the company's Supply Chain Director reveals his view on the beauty business, which is also the factor behind the participation at COSMEX where Rianthai will introduce custom packaging services as well as various packaging molds available for customers to choose.

“COSMEX is an event with a wide variety of exhibitors and visitors. Participants include brand owners, purchasers, OEM/ODM manufacturers from many countries. This will provide us the opportunity to meet new customers, demonstrate our innovative production capability, and help us achieve our goal to expand the market both domestically and internationally as well as brainstorm ideas for new product development in the future.”

If you are looking for sustainable plastic packaging like bottles, jars, lids, or dietary supplement bottles that are of high quality and are produced by a factory in Thailand with international standards, don't miss Rianthai Interplas Co., Ltd. at booth H23, COSMEX 2024.