ASEAN’s Cosmetics & Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Event
5 - 7 November 2024

  Launch Your Dream Brand with iBio

The cosmetics and supplementary industry continue to shine. As the market continues to grow and the demand for novelty products continue to rise, it is high time for those dreaming to start their own brand to make their dreams come true. iBio Co., Ltd. with over 50 years of experience and also the keyman behind the success of over 6,000 brands is ready to help you realize these dreams through comprehensive OEM/ODM services for dietary supplements, cosmetics, and ready-to-drink beverages.

Recognizing the diverse needs of beauty entrepreneurs as well as being determined to keep up with technology trends and the needs of consumers, iBio dedicates significant effort on increasing their production efficiency to meet standards and adopt the latest technologies in their facilities to provide quality services that can support customers of all sizes. This year, iBio will participate at COSMEX 2024 to showcase products and services to those intent on launching their cosmetics career.

If you have been dreaming about taking the first step in the beauty business with a preferred budget, this is the best opportunity to ask for expert advice on business plans, manufacturing and repacking services, formulation registration, as well as special promotions from iBio at COSMEX 2024, the beauty industry’s biggest event at the end of the year during 5-7 November, don't miss it!