ASEAN’s Cosmetics & Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Event
5 - 7 November 2024

Lift Up Beauty and Wellness with Equipment from Chawispon

Chawispon Co., Ltd. is a leading distributor of medical equipment for beauty and wellness such as laser machines for hair removal, skin lifting, skin tightening, liposuction, acne scar treatment and many others, which Chawinspon’s Executive & Sale & Marketing Mr. Kachakitchan Samnianglam is prepared to showcase to owners and operators of beauty clinic and wellness spas who are looking for new innovations at the year’s big event in November “COSMEX 2024.


“Nowadays, consumers put great value on beauty, and this has created a customer base for the medical equipment focusing on beauty and health that we are a distributor. In 2024, we plan to focus more on serving the wellness segment in Thailand. As for laser skin machines, we will also introduce more innovations that are unique and more efficient. We will also develop our team of personnel to better accommodate and take care of our customers.


The global trends, technologies, and consumer needs are perpetually changing. COSMEX has attracted business owners, investors, and doctors who would like to keep up with these trends to visit the show. This is why we would like to be a part of it. Some examples of the products that will be on display are the C2 and O2Fresh machines for the Wellness segment, and the Diode 4 Wavelength machine for the laser skin segment. Please come visit us at the event and get new perspectives without having to travel abroad.”

Don’t miss the chance to see the cutting-edge innovative beauty and wellness equipment from Chawispon Co., Ltd. at the year’s landmark event for beauty and wellness, COSMEX 2024!