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ASEAN’s Only Exhibition on Manufacturing Technologies, Machinery, Packaging & ODM/OEM Services for Cosmetics, Personal Care & Dietary Supplement Products
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Exhibitors' Stories

Here, you will learn what’s the latest trends and movements from our exhibitors who are delivering valuable beauty insights while we wait for COSMEX 2019.

Mr. Arin Bunchongsin
Managing Director
Selcon Co., Ltd.


Selcon Remains Top Position with High Standard Solutions

“Cosmetics industry is highly competitive with intense price war from international players. However, the company remains top position machine manufacturer by providing high quality solutions, ensuring customers with Thailand’s high standard manufacturing plant along with after-sales service team that always ready to support existing customers,” said Mr. Arin Bunchongsin, Managing Director of Selcon Co., Ltd.

Selcon Co., Ltd. is Thailand technology provider for a complete cycle of cosmetics manufacturing. Due to an increasing popularity of cosmetics industry the world over, the company aims to produce high quality machinery to expand business in the international arena in the near future.

Mr. Arin added “The quality machinery for producing cosmetics has become affordable. This will be an effective investment that receives payback as well as yields profits in the short time possible. Moreover, the investment in quality machinery will expand manufacturing lifetime and its output will always be of high quality in the long run.”

At COSMEX 2019, Selcon will be showcasing their full range of machinery for cosmetics, including vacuum mixer, homo mixer, homo inline, powder pressing and lipstick filling machine and etc. as well as looking for potential customers to reach the mutual business goals.
Visit Selcon Co., Ltd. and their high-quality solutions at COSMEX 2019 at booth: H21, BITEC, Bangkok.
Ms. Papha Nonthakijyothin
Sales & Marketing Manager
I plus Q Co., ltd.

I plus Q

Harmonizing Nature, Innovation and Quality for Your Beauty Requirement

For 20 years, “The beginning of true beauty – happens when nature and humanity belongs together” is the heart of I plus Q’s passion to explore the power of nature to craft aromatherapy, skincare, personal care and other cosmetics products to the needs of urban lifestyles, allowing a rediscovery into natural beauty. Reliably commissioned by global prestige spas, both in 5-star hotels and individuals, OEMs and ODMs, I plus Q, which stands for Innovation plus Quality, adapted the culture of aromatherapy with nature that are Thailand Trust Mark, GMP and ISO22716 : 2007 certified.

Creating Business Opportunity from Trends and Challenges
In this COSMEX Exclusive, Ms. Papha Nonthakijyothin, Sales & Marketing Manager, I plus Q Co., ltd., offers a glimpse into true natural/organic product and harsh environmental protector.

“Emerging trends and challenges offer excellent business opportunities for the beauty industries to continually innovate and grow,” said Ms. Papha. “Some of the most exciting trends that beauty businesses can take advantage of include true natural and organic products, which are well established across the world due to being eco-friendly and user-friendly while also beneficial for holistic wellbeing. But how do we differentiate between real natural and organic from conventional products? Simply read the ingredients on the label or look for ‘certified organic and natural product’ label, which are given by certification bodies. In addition, businesses can also shift its focus on hazardous situation by creating products that protect against global environmental aggressions as well.”

She continued on about the current state of the industry that, “it’s a very competitive market, whether it be aromatherapy products, skincare, personal care and other cosmetics products. Hence, it’s imperative that brand owners find ways to differentiate their products while discovering ways to serve the needs of their target customers. Furthermore, they must catch up with current events, laws and trade regulations for both local and international markets. This meant that finding partnerships with an experienced OEM and ODM manufacturers that offers one-stop service can help reduce risks on projects and operations.”

Enterprises who are looking to partner with quality organic products and OEM services can visit I plus Q’s booth at COSMEX 2019. “We are ready to provide natural and organic products under I plus Q brand while striving to provide an OEM and ODM services for customers in the hotel, spa and cosmetics industries. We will be more than happy to provide our consultants to visitors in our booth at COSMEX 2019,” said Ms. Papha.
Begin your brand journey with I plus Q at COSMEX 2019, from 5 – 7 November 2019, at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand.
Ph.D. Nobuo Yagi
Picaso Natural Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Picaso Naturals

Manufacturing Your Cosmetics Brand with Natural Materials

Are you looking to manufacture a cosmetics product with professional quality? Your answers lie within OEM/ODM services by Picaso Naturals Laboratory Co., Ltd. who will participate at COSMEX 2019 to introduce cosmetics brand owners and new comers wide range of services. With formulas and manufacturing technologies from Japan, customers will receive quality service that is on par with Japanese quality.

Ph.D. Nobuo Yagi, President, Picaso Natural Laboratory Co., Ltd., remarked “Our services is about manufacturing cosmetics products with an emphasis on using natural ingredients during production process. The principle of our business has always been continuous developments of our formulas and provide our valued customers with maximum satisfaction. Our formulas are developed in Japan and we also utilize Japanese technology in all production process to ensure our clients will receive the best solutions. Furthermore, we have expanded our capabilities to manufacture Halal quality cosmetics.”

Over the years, the cosmetics industry experienced high competition and presents major challenges to companies due to many new players in the landscape. Ph.D. Yagi commented “There are many people who wants to jump into the cosmetic business, creating their own brands which in turn creates opportunities for us. Our company is from Japan which makes many clients trusted the quality of our manufacturing process. However, since we are a cosmetic OEM/ODM manufacturer, this makes us have more competitors in the market. This is the current challenge that our company is facing. We hope that joining COSMEX 2019 will allow us to bring our expertise to potential customers and see exciting innovations that add value to the cosmetics industry.”

Come visit Picaso Natural Laboratory at COSMEX 2019 to get professional OEM/ODM services from 5 – 7 November 2019, at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand.
Ms. Rungravi Kittisinchaikul
Managing Director
Milott Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Milott Laboratories

Create Your Beauty Business with World-Class OEM

“The cosmetics industry continues to grow, especially from digital disruption. Businesses in this sector have benefited from distributing their products through digital technologies as well as expanding their distribution channels. Realizing this trend will have significant impact on consumer experience, Milott Laboratories also seek to drive cosmetics business transformation in the digital economy in order to support cosmetics brand in moving towards online shop. Furthermore, we also wish to help our SME customers by supporting them to increase their exports to foreign markets,” said Ms. Rungravi Kittisinchaikul, Managing Director, Milott Laboratories Co., Ltd.

Milott Laboratories Co., Ltd. is a world leading pure OEM manufacturer of cosmetics and personal care products. The company is founded through a Thai-Japanese joint venture in 1989 with Milott Cosmetics Corporation, a leading OEM cosmetics manufacturer in Japan. Milott has been trusted to deliver industry leading service to over 200 global to small-sized brands with an export to over 50 countries. Its manufacturing facility carry out its service to manufacturer cosmetics, skin care, hair care, oral care and dietary supplements. These service are strictly in accordance to ISO9001-2008, ISO 17025, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 22716, BRC, GMP, TGA, and HALAL.

Ms. Rungravi added, “We have the capabilities to serve our customer demands in time of rapid change, whether they are global brands to newly established businesses. COSMEX 2019 will be our opportunity to exchange contacts with manufacturers and enhance our visibility so that potential customers can easily reach our service.”

At COSMEX 2019, Milott Laboratories will showcase their latest innovations including transform color, gel-cream to essence, oil infused shower wash, instagrammable, on-the-go and sub-zero waste products.

Come visit Milott Laboratories to get world class OEM service for manufacturing cosmetics, skin care, hair care and dietary supplements at COSMEX 2019 from 5 – 7 November 2019, BITEC, Bangkok Thailand.


Why Packaging Matters in Your Brand Identity?

“Packaging is the first thing that creates a strong first impression in the mind of a prospective customer. Many entrepreneurs who want to start their own cosmetics business often made a mistake of overlooking the importance of packaging. This can make great products be easily ignored,” said Ms. Maneerat Chaiprayoon, Managing Director, Rianthai Interplas Co., Ltd.

Ms. Maneerat added, “Currently, the beauty industry is facing a changing business landscape; free trade agreements and e-commerce are allowing borderless shopping possible. These challenges create market expansion opportunities and an era of heightened competitive business environment that is unavoidable. Consecutively, it generates opportunity that benefits Rianthai Interplas by creating channels for both local and international cosmetics manufacturers to know more about us.”
Rianthai Interplas Co., Ltd. is one of Thailand’s leading manufacturers of plastics packaging that includes bottle, caps and jars to service the cosmetics, foods and pharmaceutical industries. Under the supervision of a well-trained team and equipped with high-caliber technologies, the company offers quality packaging in conformity with the ISO 9001/2015, GMP and HACCP standards. They will join COSMEX 2019 to empower your cosmetics brand image with their high-end packaging.

“We see COSMEX as an important annual gathering for cosmetics professionals from Thailand and overseas. It’s a defining exhibition in Asia, which is well-received by high volume of cosmetics manufacturers, distributors, packaging manufacturers as well as diverse range of ingredient manufacturers. So we wish to take this opportunity to further promote our rigid plastic packaging and the latest innovation, the 3D IML (In-Mold Labeling) to potential clients in the show.”

She also noted, “If you are interested in entering the cosmetics business, you must understand that the choice of packaging is essential. At Rianthai Interplas, we offer many high quality packaging and services ready to satisfy your needs.”

Come discover top-notch packaging by Rianthai Interplas Co., Ltd. at COSMEX 2019, 5 – 7 November 2019, at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand.
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