ASEAN’s Cosmetics & Dietary Supplement Manufacturing Event
5 - 7 November 2024

Grow Your Business with Dietary Supplements that Speak to the New-Gen Consumers


Nowadays, consumers have become more conscious about their health and wellbeing. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the market of dietary supplement has grown exponentially and continuously. Many products have been developed and existing range has been expanded to accommodate the various health and beauty demands. This is the same for dietary supplements that claim to boost health and enhance the brain and nervous system. There are also products that take care of the gut known as prebiotics and probiotics which have become very popular recently.


According to a survey by Mintel, about 4 in 5 young consumers, or 86%, often read product reviews before buying. 53% of them are willing to spend money on products with purported health benefits, 39% are willing to buy certified products, and 36% are willing to buy products with eco-friendly labels. Therefore, the common themes for dietary supplements seem to revolve around health, safety and environmental conservation. The trend in 2023 for dietary supplements can be categorized as follows: 


Food for Your Mood

Gen Z consumers consider good mental health to be as important as physical health. Therefore, dietary supplements today need to boost the mood as much as they do the body. Dietary supplements that promote the nervous systems and brain functions are gaining momentum, with the estimated global market value up to $120.8 billion. The market for brain-boosting nutraceuticals is accounted for more than one-third of this total estimated value.

Good for Gut

If the gut is balanced, the body will be strong and healthy. The opposite of this is also true. Hence, products with prebiotics and probiotics are becoming very popular and they have been featured in various food, beverages, and dietary supplements.

Eating Experience

Consumers nowadays are actively seeking novelty in culinary and lifestyle. Therefore, food and beverages should not only taste good and nourishing, they should also provide exotic flavors, smells and texture. This concept is applicable to the packaging that should be attractive as well.


Upcycling and Sustainable

This is the era of environmental consciousness. Every product, including nutritional supplements, need to be eco-friendly. This needs to begin from the production process, labor responsibility, environmental impacts from farming and livestock, reduction of carbon emissions, and the packaging made from eco-friendly materials.

Immunity Balance

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, dietary supplements that focus on boosting immune system have become hugely popular. This is because the strengthened immune systems can help protect the body against viruses and contractable diseases.

Fantastic Protein

Protein is an essential macronutrient for the body, especially for those who exercise. In the past, proteins almost exclusively came from animal-based sources. Nowadays however, proteins are also obtainable from plants and this form of protein has also gaining popularity fast among consumers.  

Beauty from Inside

Dietary supplements that enhance beauty are indispensable in the dietary supplement industry. Nowadays, there are several formulas of dietary supplements that accommodate the demand for convenience, portability, and multi-benefits. For example, collagen mixed with vitamin C that help keep the skin look and appear youthful.

The outlook of dietary supplements is positive with a lot of room to grow because modern consumers are very health conscious. They try to take good care of their physical and mental health, and supplements are perceived as one of the key elements. Then, what if you want to start your own brand of dietary supplements? Read on to find out!

Identify your Target Buyers

Before developing any product, dietary supplement included, you need to know who your buyers are. Being able to identify a clear target group will enable you to know what formula to develop, what ingredients to source, and how to create dietary supplements that will appeal to that target group.

Partner with the Right OEM/ODM

Many people want to create a brand of dietary supplements but lack sufficient knowhow. This should not be an obstacle since there is a great number of OEM/ODMs who act as a one-stop service that can help you with the design and production from start to finish. They can help propose a new formula or offer a range of available formula you can choose from to be marketed under your brand. It is very important to choose the providers who have been certified with recognized industrial standards to ensure reliable quality for you and your consumers.

Packaging Matters

Attractive packaging design can captivate and convert passers-by into buyers. You can choose the forms of your dietary supplements that you believe would appeal to your target buyers such as tablets, powder, capsules, or small sachets that are easy to carry and are convenient to use. More importantly, the clever packaging design will enable you to visualize the shape of your business more vividly.

Devise an Effective Marketing Plan

A continuous, well-executed marketing plan will help promote your products to the wider audience. Social media is a quick and easy tool since consumers nowadays spend a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. These channels will help to-be consumers take note of your products more easily.

If anyone is interested in starting your own dietary supplements, but have no idea where to start or how to approach a provider, you will be able to find every solution you need at COSMEX 2023, ASEAN’s leading event for manufacturing technologies, machinery, packaging & ODM/OEM services for cosmetics, personal care & dietary supplement products. Beauty entrepreneurs will be able to discover every aspect of beauty production from ingredients to packaging with marketing consultation and knowledge sharing from the experts. Don’t miss this dazzling platform to help you get a good start during 7-9 November 2023 at BITEC, Bangkok.


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